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Vitamin K2 Articles

Nutraceutical Business Review / July 2019 /

Vitamin K2 technology wins award for NattoPharma spin-off

WholeFoods Magazine / July 2019 /

Study Links Vitamin K2 to Cardiovascular Health

Vitafoods Insights / August 2019 /

Vitamin K2 meeting real market needs (podcast)

Nutraceutical Business Review / September 2019 /

K2 success stories start with NattoPharma

Nutraceutical Business Review / November 2019 /

Study shows Nattopharma vitamin K2 MK-7 improves endothelial function

Nutraceuticals World / November 2019 /

Vitamin K2 as MK-7 Shown to Improve Endothelial Function