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Explore Our NEW MenaQ7® Matrix Brochure!

Explore Our NEW MenaQ7® Matrix Brochure!

With consumer demand for convenient and tasty product formats, formulators face challenges in ingredient stability. Fortunately, there’s a solution for K2. Our new brochure explains why MenaQ7® Matrix is the natural choice for stable Vitamin K2.


Formulating with different bioactive ingredients in diverse product formats isn’t always straightforward, and dedicated delivery technologies are often required – this is also true for Vitamin K2.


But with the Matrix technology, brand owners are assured the clinically proven benefits of MenaQ7® are accessible in a wide range of formulations and delivery formats. There are many suitable applications, like boosting children’s early development, supporting women’s health, or even “on–the–go” formulations for active lifestylers and longevity seekers. And if your brand is looking for turnkey products, MenaQ7® Matrix also has you covered.

One Solution, Several Opportunities

In addition to its proven stability in complex mineral formulations, MenaQ7® Matrix boasts versatility that makes it suitable for functional foods with excellent dispersibility and flowability. Whether incorporated into fortified milk powder to enhance bone health, blended into protein bars for post-workout recovery, or added to gummies for a delicious and nutritious treat, MenaQ7® Matrix ensures stable and effective Vitamin K2 in various complex and increasingly popular consumer formats.


Our latest product launch utilizing MenaQ7® Matrix offers seamless entry to the market. It’s an innovative turnkey formula available in high-demand applications, with strong positioning and health claims, streamlining your way to market success.

Choose Clinically Proven, Naturally Protected Vitamin K2

With Matrix, you—and, more importantly, your customers—know the clinically proven benefits of MenaQ7® are delivered, regardless of formulation. Not only that, unlike alternative microencapsulated Vitamin K2s on the market, the award-winning Matrix technology ensures natural K2 protection with a minimal ingredient list, free from additives and coatings, truly setting a new standard for protective technologies.


We are confident that MenaQ7® Matrix meets both formulation requirements and consumer expectations of health ingredients: proven, natural, and free from.

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