Pregnancy and Nursing

Supporting Mothers for Healthy Babies

Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change and the WHO estimates 20-30% of pregnant women suffer from some kind of vitamin deficiency. Post-natal supplements are important for many women during this period of their lives to ensure not only their health, but their babies as well.

In particular, pregnant women are advised to increase their calcium levels to support the growing babies’ bone and teeth – and to maintain the mothers own bone mass, which is depleted during pregnancy and nursing.

Research shows that women’s bone metabolic status significantly changes over the period between pregnancy and during nursing [6], and as much as 50% of newborns are K deficient. Incorporating Vitamins K2 with D3 in post-natal supplements would benefit both mother and child through their combined optimization of calcium.

[6] Miyamoto T et al. Sci Rep. 2019 May 13;9(1):6787.