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Why Women Should Forge New Years Health Routines with MenaQ7® K2

Why Women Should Forge New Years Health Routines with MenaQ7® K2

After the holidays, many women see the new year as a chance for positive change and a fresh start. One important but often overlooked vitamin is Vitamin K2 as MK7, crucial for women’s health and longevity. It’s lacking in many of us, so including it in your routine can make a big difference.

Establishing Daily Routines Based in Knowledge

In pursuing a lifestyle that supports healthy aging and longevity, embracing lasting changes trumps fad diets or temporary trends. True well-being is often rooted in understanding our diets, and educating ourselves is critical.


Knowing what nutrients we are lacking, the documented effects of supplemental ingredients, and recognizing how they influence our health is a strong motivator in and of itself. Armed with this knowledge, we are better equipped to make lasting changes and avoid the limitations of a short-lived regime that will lead us back to square one.

The Overlooked Key to Women’s Healthy Longevity

Bone strength and cardiovascular health are two pivotal areas to consider in the quest for overall vitality, especially for a woman’s well-being.


From their teenage years to their early 20s, women build most of the bone mass that strengthens their skeleton. They obtain peak bone mass around 30 years of age. This means that the more calcium she “banked” during her teenage years and young adulthood, her bones will strengthen as she heads into motherhood and through menopause.


Although cardiovascular disease has been considered a “man’s disease,” it still represents a serious threat to women’s health, particularly after childbearing years when fertility hormones ensure a lower risk. Lancet reports that 35% of female mortality is caused by compromised cardiovascular health.

MenaQ7®: The K2 Proven to Support Women’s Bone and Cardiovascular Health

Because women are sadly under-represented in clinical studies, we are proud that MenaQ7® is clinically proven to support women’s bone and cardiovascular health, two of the most critical areas allowing women to thrive and age healthily. Our latest clinical research reinforcing the importance of MenaQ7® K2 in women’s health were presented in August 2023 at the esteemed European Society of Cardiology Congress. The post-hoc analysis of our 1-year study highlights that improved K2 status improves arterial stiffness and blood pressure in post-menopausal women.

K2 is Missing from Our Diet – Supplementation is the Answer

With all this in mind, Vitamin K2 should be a staple to support women— young and old—through all stages of their lives. If only a modern healthy diet would provide sufficient nutritional levels of K2. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Vitamin K2 (menaquinone 7), unlike its counterpart K1 present in leafy greens, is notably absent from modern diets unless you consume specific fermented foods daily.

Yet there is affordable insurance for Women’s Health:

Luckily, incorporating a daily MenaQ7® supplement is a proven and affordable insurance for female health. A small, consistent investment in our health that pays dividends in the long run. With knowledge comes consistency, and with consistency comes a real health change.


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