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MenaQ7® Quality and Why it matters

MenaQ7® Quality and Why it matters

Industry brands are increasingly drawn to the appeal of providing completely transparent product offerings coupled with unambiguous scrutiny of quality. Quality, or lack thereof, can be seen and felt at every step of the journey, from raw materials manufacturing to the success of a finished product launched on the market. Brand owners rely on suppliers of bio-active compounds to offer a branded ingredient that holds attributes valued—and expected—by today’s conscious consumer. When you choose MenaQ7®, you select a meticulously crafted brand from A to Z.

In-House Production Provides 100% Transparency

At Gnosis, we are in a unique position of complete vertical integration, developing our Vitamin K2 right in the heart of Europe. This allows for 100% transparency, ensuring full traceability and control throughout production.

Natural K2 Through the Power of Microorganisms

Our proprietary multi-step fermentation mimics the natural pathway to Vitamin K2. Within our cGMP plant, we provide a view into this natural fermentation process, resulting in over 97% pure K2 molecule with only small levels of residues from the natural process. This is the path to a truly natural K2. Each batch undergoes meticulous quality control, guaranteeing the highest K2 quality and isomeric purity, which is critical in delivering biological health benefits to the end user.

A Natural Ingredient Deserves a Free-From Portfolio

Brand owners incorporating MenaQ7® can confidently formulate, assuring their product is free from allergens, including soy, and additives. Our formulation has the shortest list of ingredients, is non-GMO, vegan friendly, and holds certifications for being Kosher and Halal.


A branded ingredient is only as strong as the quality it upholds. With MenaQ7®, we deliver on our guarantee of being the most clinically proven K2 as MK-7. With the attributes mentioned above, quality is not just a slogan but a commitment to setting the highest standard for Vitamin K2 quality.

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