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Video: Explore Our Ready-to-Market Solutions

Video Explore Our Ready-to-Market Solutions

Innovation fuels the natural products industry, promising health, wellness, and vitality. But behind the scenes of groundbreaking new products is a sea of challenges for brand owners.

The development stage is a long and winding road from the initial stages of ingredient selection to the final product. Striking a perfect balance of quality, time, and cost is complex; even the slightest miss-step can lead to significant setbacks. Our Ready-to-Market Solutions featuring MenaQ7® Matrix can mitigate this complexity for you.

The Hurdles of Product Development

Navigating the journey from market identification to formulation requires meticulous attention to detail. It begins with understanding current trends, consumer preferences, and market gaps. Next comes the challenge of developing potent formulas featuring ingredients with clinically validated benefits, essential for standing out in a crowded marketplace.


Compliance with regulatory standards is paramount, alongside rigorous stability testing to ensure product safety and efficacy. These challenges must be met to deliver a market-ready solution. At Gnosis, we have the expertise to do this groundwork and are committed to being a solution partner that can fast-track your market success.

Fast Track Your Supplement Development

We believe in value-added, collaborative partnerships and offer more than ingredients – we provide a complete solution, freeing you to focus on your business and brand. Consumers seek branded, transparent ingredients with proven efficacy in today’s market. MenaQ7® K2 guarantees all these attributes. Our turn-key solutions include comprehensive compatibility and stability studies. By partnering with us, you can shorten your time to market and gain a competitive edge. Additionally, we help you rationalize your supply chain, ensuring consistent and seamless response to market demands.

MenaQ7® Matrix: Enabling Innovation in Formulation

With MenaQ7® Matrix, the clinically proven K2 surpasses mere ingredient status. Enhanced flowability and dispersibility allow for versatile combinations, dosages, and applications such as gummies and dispersible powders. Its capabilities extend even further, offering innovative, semi-finished, turn-key solutions ideal for elevating your upcoming product launch.


Our latest offers are great examples of this, and we are thrilled to offer MenaQ7® Matrix in ready-to-launch finished products: MenaQ7® Protect and MenaQ7® Metabolic – two standout formulations, ready for your brand to hit the market.

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