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New Video:
Essentiel Role of MenaQ7® for Sport Performance

New Video: Essentiel Role of MenaQ7® for Sport Performance

As we move through our adult years, sustaining an active lifestyle becomes increasingly vital. Key factors such as attaining peak bone mass and managing age-related arterial changes play significant roles in our overall health.


Today, we consider aspects like physical energy and mental sharpness as essential components of our well-being. Here we explore how MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 supports an active and healthy lifestyle.


Optimizing Bone Health and Strength

Maintaining bone strength after peak bone mass is reached around 30 is essential for an active life. This can be achieved through regular physical activity, like strength training and adequate nutrition. Vitamin K2 is crucial for directing calcium to bones, enhancing their strength and resilience. Research, including a 3-year study, has shown that a daily intake of 180 mcg of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 can significantly improve bone mineral content, density, and strength.


Enhancing Cardiovascular Wellness

For sustaining physical activity, maintaining cardiovascular health is crucial. Healthy, flexible arteries ensure that blood flows efficiently, delivering nutrients to cells throughout the body. Lifestyle choices greatly influence this process. Supplementing with MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 has been proven to reduce arterial stiffness and improve elasticity, thereby supporting cardiovascular health and overall vitality.


Expanding Benefits Beyond Bone and Heart Health

While the benefits of MenaQ7® vitamin K2 for bone and heart health are well established, recent studies are exploring its potential effects on cognitive function, and MenaQ7® research highlights Vitamin K2’s role in managing oxidative stress and inflammation. Additionally, Vitamin K2 has been shown to increase ATP production and may support cognitive well-being, suggesting a holistic approach to a vibrant life.


Enjoy Vitamin K2 On-the-Go

While Vitamin K2 is nearly absent from most diets, supplementing has never been easier. MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 offers a convenient solution, fitting seamlessly into on-the-go formats like sports powders, drink mixes, and other tasty applications designed to support an active lifestyle.


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