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NEW Brochure: Vitamin K2 for Brands that Aspire for More!

NEW Brochure Vitamin K2 for Brands that Aspire for More!

As MenaQ7® K2 has solidified its clinical foundation in supporting strong bone and heart health, consumer awareness is on the rise. While this is excellent news, it also attracts less experienced K2 suppliers to the market. How do you ensure you’re selecting the best K2?


We are thrilled to bring you our Vitamin K2 Brochure, which provides all the insights you need to make a sound ingredient selection. It also equips you with essential elements to craft a compelling story about the importance and benefits of clinically proven MenaQ7®.

The Basics of Vitamin K and Beyond

When considering vitamin K for your product, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between its various forms, primarily K1 and K2. Your product’s effectiveness depends on featuring the most optimal form.


Our K2 Brochure breaks down the key differences between K1 and K2, explaining their mechanisms of action and the prevalence of deficiency in the population. Including compelling graphic design and messaging, it equips you with the tools to tell the important K2 story in a way that resonates with your audience.

What is the Target Audience for K2?

Proven effective in supporting bone and cardiovascular health — foundational across all life stages — Vitamin K2 can be strategically positioned to diverse demographics.


Whether targeting menopausal women, children’s early development, individuals leading active lifestyles, or those focused on longevity, our research and marketing tools offer invaluable support for your communication efforts.

Natural and Pure K2: For the Health of People and Planet

Crafted in the heart of Europe within our cGMP facility, our multi-step fermentation process mirrors nature’s own K2 production. Gain insight into our environmental management systems and the specific measures and commitments Gnosis has implemented to minimize our environmental footprint.


These factors distinguish MenaQ7® from newer market entrants, offering consumers a cherished value: natural, pure, and proven K2.

Clinically Proven MenaQ7® in a Wide Range of Applications

While MenaQ7® is the most clinically proven K2 as MK7 in the market, our efforts to substantiate new areas of importance are underway. Our developments allow you to stay one step ahead of the curve when it comes to clinical research, but also when it comes to innovative delivery systems. Our solutions platform caters to a wide range of finished products.


MenaQ7® is the K2 for brands that aspire for more – and this Brochure tells you why.

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