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MenaQ7® Production Commitments

MenaQ7® Production Commitments

In today’s market, quality and sustainability are at the top of people’s minds. Ensure your Vitamin K2 supplier meets eco-expectations and maintains quality standards.

Gnosis: The Only European Producer of Natural Vitamin K2 as MK-7

Produced at our in-house GMP-certified plant in the heart of Europe, our proprietary fermentation process delivers a natural K2 molecule that is over 97% pure, with nearly 99% in the bioactive all-trans form. The entire MenaQ7® portfolio holds free-from attributes, including the absence of all known allergens. It is also vegan-friendly and non-GMO.

A Healthier Planet with Healthier People

Our Environmental Management System is vital to identifying and controlling our environmental impact. In 2024, we are implementing several initiatives to further reduce our carbon footprint through environmental investments. Our objectives include a 20% reduction in water usage and a 5% decrease in electricity consumption. Additionally, our waste management system improves our waste levels and enables the external use of waste materials as secondary raw materials.

Vitamin K2 Derived by Natural Fermentation

In nature, Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is derived through bacterial fermentation, a process involving microorganisms. When producing MenaQ7®, we utilize a non-GMO bacillus strain in an allergen-free fermentation substrate.

If your K2 isn’t derived from fermentation, it should not be promoted as natural. Why is this distinction important? With consumers increasingly looking for natural ingredients in supplements, the industry tends to promote synthetic K2 sources as natural.

Honest communication is vital for establishing consumer trust, fostering lasting relationships, and maintaining industry integrity. By upholding higher standards, we contribute to a culture of transparency and accountability that benefits everyone in the long term.


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