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MenaQ7® Matrix: A Perfect Fit in Functional Foods

MenaQ7® Matrix A Perfect Fit in Functional Foods

Developing cutting-edge delivery technologies is crucial in the dynamic market of functional foods, where health-conscious consumers seek both nutrition and convenience.


In pursuing fortifying foods with bioactive ingredients like Vitamin K2, MenaQ7® Matrix emerges as a natural choice, bridging science-backed health benefits with popular, tasty foods.

Proven by Science, Protected by Innovation

Supported by comprehensive stability data under varied and challenging conditions, the Matrix technology enables the proven health benefits of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 to be delivered in complex and innovative formulations.


Unlike competing microencapsulated options, our award-winning Matrix technology guarantees the natural protection of vitamin K2 with a minimal ingredient list, free from additives and coatings. This attribute has been warmly welcomed by formulators, also in the food and beverage segment.

A Gateway to Effective Innovations in Functional Foods

MenaQ7® Matrix’s versatility shines in functional foods. With excellent dispersibility and flowability, it seamlessly enriches fortified milk powder, protein powders and bars, and gummies.


At Gnosis by Lesaffre, we have formulated and tested these concepts, providing step-by-step guidelines on best practices when incorporating MenaQ7® in functional foods. With this, we believe we will support formulators to meet consumers’ demands for proven health benefits in convenient, delicious products.

Adding Functionality to Your Products with Clinically Proven Vitamin K2

By entrusting your high-value functional food portfolio with the Matrix technology, you can rest assured that the proven health benefits of MenaQ7® remain potent and efficacious, with documented claims of regulating calcium in the body for strong bones and a robust cardiovascular system across the lifespan.

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