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Introducing NEW MenaQ7® Metabolic

Introducing NEW MenaQ7® Metabolic

In a world where only 7 % of adults in the US have optimal cardiometabolic health, our latest turnkey product tackles the issues head-on, combining MenaQ7® K2 and Ankascin 568-R.

Our cardiometabolic health reflects the overall well-being of our metabolic and cardiovascular systems. It involves processes such as blood pressure regulation, lipid management, glucose metabolism, and waist circumference. By addressing both cardiovascular and metabolic aspects, our latest ready-to-launch supplement offers a complementary formulation in this space.

MenaQ7® & Ankascin®: A Complementary Approach

Our innovative formulation harnesses the power of two renowned ingredients: MenaQ7® K2 and Ankascin® 568 – R, an innovative red yeast rice extract. These carefully selected ingredients are backed by scientific research and proven efficacy. Combined they can provide complementary support for cardiometabolic health.

MenaQ7® is the most clinically proven K2 as MK7 for heart health.

Activates Matrix Gla Protein, the most potent inhibitor of calcification of arteries and soft tissues.


Daily supplementation is shown to inhibit age-related arterial stiffening and improve vascular elasticity.

Demonstrated efficacy in reducing visceral fat accumulation.

Ankascin® 568 – R is supported by more than 120 publications and the benefits are clinically validated to support healthy blood pressure, healthy lipid profile and healthy blood glucose level.

MenaQ7® Matrix: The Natural Way to K2 Protection

Central to this innovative formulation is MenaQ7® Matrix that offers the latest in vitamin K2 protection. Compared to microencapsulated alternatives in the market, the Matrix technology enables natural protection with the shortest list of ingredients with no additives and no coating. These attributes set the Matrix technology apart from microencapsulated K2 in the market.

Fast to Market with A Ready to Launch Product

At Gnosis, we understand the challenges of product development. With MenaQ7® Metabolic we have done the groundwork for you. This ready-to-market product eliminates your need for extensive research and development, saving you time and resources. With our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality, you can trust that our innovative formulation not only meets the highest standards but also addresses a critical need within the population.


This product is available for the US market only.

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