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Gnosis Vitamin K2 Scientific Advisory Committee: A Global Expansion and Commitment to Excellence

Gnosis Vitamin K2 Scientific Advisory Committee: A Global Expansion and Commitment to Excellence

In a recent gathering of Vitamin K2 experts, the Gnosis Vitamin K2 Scientific Advisory Committee (K2SAC) held its inaugural meeting, marking a significant commitment to Vitamin K2 research. Led by Professor Leon Schurgers, a distinguished expert in the field, the committee expanded its global presence by adding two esteemed members, Dr. Stefanos Roumeliotis and Dr. Sola Bahous, reaffirming its dedication to pioneering advancements in Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 Science for the Future: Beyond Heart and Bone

Convening in Lille, France, the meeting saw Professor Schurgers and existing members Hogne Vik and Katarzyna Maresz welcome the new members, each bringing valuable expertise to the committee’s mission. Dr. Roumeliotis, who specializes in chronic disease research, is leading the MenaQ7® K2 VIKIPEDIA study. At the same time, Dr. Bahous, an expert in arterial stiffness and hypertension, is deeply engaged in the novel migraine study with MenaQ7® Vitamin K2.


The day started with an insightful lecture by Professor Schurgers, exploring the profound impact of Vitamin K2 on “Healthy Ageing and the Vitamin K2 Effect.” This set the stage for a day of collaboration, with the expanded team sharing insights from various areas of Vitamin K2 research. The overarching theme, “Exploring the Future of Vitamin K2,” captured the spirit of the meeting, reflecting the committee’s strengthened position with leaders in K2 research. The anticipation is significant for the future of Vitamin K2 as they seek to discover and confirm new benefits and applications for this critical nutrient.

Ushering in New Research Through Scientific Partnership

At the very front of global Vitamin K2 research, Gnosis, combined with its K2SAC partnership, actively collaborates with research teams worldwide. This effort, providing insights from various clinical studies, shed light on new indications for Vitamin K2. Jean-Francois Jeanne, Gnosis Substantiation & Applications Team Manager, highlighted the significance of the inaugural K2SAC meeting, emphasizing the committee’s role in galvanizing a worldwide network of researchers. Their focus on identifying specific population needs for Vitamin K2 and leading clinical evidence demonstrates a commitment to advancing global health.


This dedication speaks to Gnosis’ ongoing efforts to elevate the understanding and applications of Vitamin K2, supporting a healthier future for people worldwide.