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February is Heart Health Month – Support it with MenaQ7® K2!

February is Heart Health Month – Support it with MenaQ7® K2!

One in 3 global consumers report taking a more proactive approach to health and, according to Innova Market Insights, when it comes to their physical health, heart health ranks #3 on their top list of concerns. February, Heart-Health Month, is the perfect time to activate a plan supporting cardiovascular health, including MenaQ7® K2.

It is never too early to start taking care of your heart health. Thankfully, an increasing number of global consumers understand the connection between heart health and overall well-being. Many are taking a more holistic approach to support their heart health, acknowledging the impact of diet and lifestyle choices. Also, the demographic for healthy aging and longevity is increasingly younger. The Millennial Generation is more aware of the importance of nurturing a robust cardiovascular system from an early age to pursue an active lifestyle also when they get older.

The Most Clinically Proven Vitamin K2 for Heart Health is Valued by Consumers

When selecting products to support their health, consumers report to seek out value in the form of efficacy, quality, and convenience. They expect brands to document the claimed benefits of their product and therefore the ingredient of choice is critical.


When adding MenaQ7® to your heart-smart formulations, you are assured the Vitamin K2 that delivers proven efficacy and builda trust with your customers, and here is why:


  • MenaQ7® is the most clinically proven Vitamin K2 as MK7 for cardiovascular health with groundbreaking studies.
  • A 3-year study showed a nutritional dose MenaQ7® taken daily not only inhibited age-related arterial stiffening, but also promoted vascular elasticity.
  • A 1-year follow-up study of men and women also showed supplementation with 180 mcg of MenaQ7® stops the increase in cfPWV, a marker for arterial stiffness.
  • In addition, MenaQ7® is shown to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in human muscle cells and increase ATP production.

Formulating Heart-Smart Formulations to Active Lifestylers

Incorporating a heart-healthy ingredient like Vitamin K2 into supplements for active nutrition makes a lot of sense. In this segment there is an increased expectation that delivery format aligns with their on-the-go and active lifestyle. These consumers may prefer their supplement to come in sachets that allow for quick dispersion in a beverage of their choice.


For bioactive ingredients to maintain their potency in a wide range of delivery formats, it is critical that ingredient suppliers, like Gnosis, develop delivery technologies, that enable a stable and efficacious ingredient in new and appealing dose forms. With the introduction of MenaQ7® Matrix, the clinically proven cardiovascular benefits of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 are protected by our award-winning technology.