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Embrace Spring with Tasty Vitamin K2 Gummies

Embrace Spring with Tasty Vitamin K2 Gummies

As we welcome spring, a season symbolizing new beginnings, it’s the perfect time to reinforce the healthy habits we embraced at the start of the year.


One effective way to help your customers maintain their health goals year-round is by offering essential vitamin K2 in enjoyable supplements like gummies. These make supporting foundational health more enjoyable and serve as a motivating factor for sticking to healthy routines.


Our step-by-step guide to feature MenaQ7® in gummies equips you with the necessary tools to formulate stable and effective K2 gummies successfully.


The Importance of Foundational Health – And Sticking to it With Tasty Gummies!

Maintaining strong bone and cardiovascular health is crucial for overall well-being and foundational health. MenaQ7® stands out as the only K2 as MK-7 clinically proven to support both aspects across various life stages. By promoting robust bone and cardiovascular health, MenaQ7® enables young and older individuals to do what they love.
Delivering MenaQ7® in gummies is a big step in bringing its critical health benefits to more people worldwide. It is an ideal option for consumers who seek a tastier way to support their health.


A Tasty and Natural Way to Health

The fast and massive rise in gummy supplements clearly shows their appeal to a large portion of people. They’re a fun and tasty alternative to pills and capsules for those seeking an enjoyable way to get essential daily nutrients. The growth is seen in supplements targeted to children and demographics in the healthy aging and longevity space. According to GMInsights, consumers increasingly scrutinize ingredient lists and favor products containing natural ingredients while meeting “free-from” attributes.


Download our formulation guide today to create stable and effective gummies featuring clinically proven MenaQ7®, the natural vitamin K2 option.

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