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Consumer Survey Shows Interest in Supplements for Artery Health


Ex-NattoPharma-sponsored survey revealed consumers are actively pursuing healthier arteries through supplementation.

Heart Health ranks as one of the top 3 reasons respondents use dietary supplements.

At the request of ex-NattoPharma USA, Inc., Discover Research Group surveyed a total of 380 health- and nutrition-minded individuals regarding heart health in October 2015. The survey focused on answering three primary questions:
1. How concerned are people with the health of their heart?
2. Do they believe that hard arteries are a problem that is associated with poor heart health?
3. How willing would they be to take a supplement to improve the health of their heart by preventing (and even reversing) the hardening of their arteries?

Key Findings: Of the 380 individuals surveyed:

• 87% currently take vitamins or supplements to improve their health.
• 25% identify themselves as having a condition associated with heart disease; 40% have someone in their immediate family with a condition associated with heart disease.
• 35% are very concerned that hardening of the arteries will have a negative impact on their heart health.
• 67% of those surveyed (n = 380) would take a supplement shown to stop hardening of the arteries if the supplement carried no side effects and is priced about the same as other heart health supplements.

Bone and Heart Health are the top reasons customers supplement (reason 2 and 3, respectively). When asked how concerned they were about their heart health on a scale of 1-7, 62% rated their level of concern as 5 or greater (38% rated their level of concern 6 or greater).

Of those who indicated that they or their family member currently has a heart condition (n=232),

• 84% are currently taking a prescription medicine (55% would consider taking a prescription)
• 44% are currently taking a supplement (59% would consider taking a supplement)

Of those who indicated that they currently do not have a heart condition (n=148), for those surveyed between 30 and 40 years old, supplements would be their No. 1 action if they developed heart disease.

“Just over one-third of survey participants ranked ‘hardening of the arteries’ as one of the top 3 risk factors associated with heart disease. This is a concern with growing awareness with Americans, but a natural solution to address this concern was not previously available,” said Eric Anderson, senior vice president of global sales and marketing with ex-NattoPharma, exclusive global supplier of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7. “However, our clinical trials have shown that MenaQ7 addresses 2 of the top 3 reasons that health-minded consumers supplement: MenaQ7 not only protects against age-related hardening of the arteries and regressed arterial stiffening, but it also has been shown to improve bone mineral density and strength.”