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MenaQ7® Natto MK-7 Launched

The MenaQ7® line goes back to its roots as the Natto MK-7 variety is introduced.


Derived by bacillus subtilis fermentation and soy protein, MenaQ7 Natto provides all-trans isomers of K2 in a 96% active Mk-7.


According to NattoPharma, exclusive global supplier of MenaQ7, the only clinically validated and patented Vitamin K2 as MK-7, the company was founded on soy-based material, yet continued to innovate its offering based on market demand; namely, there was a growing concern over soy as an allergen. “But now, as a global supplier, NattoPharma has received overwhelming interest from companies looking to offer a soy Vitamin K2 as MK-7. Our response is a new variety on par with the same soy material we introduced to the market in 2004,” says Hogne Vik, chief medical officer of NattoPharma.


With the MenaQ7 line, NattoPharma has pioneered the manufacturing and purification standards to ensure the material delivers the active molecule, void of impurities, and validated by experts so consumers using products containing MenaQ7 are receiving the desired effect. The new Natto-derived material is a further extension of that expertise and commitment to delivering quality products that meet marketing needs.


MenaQ7 Natto is the result of Bacillus subtilis fermentation with a soy protein substrate providing Mk-7 and a small amount of Mk-6.  Importantly, fermentation provides only active trans isomers of the menaquinones, the active form of K2.  Other products contain inactive CIS isomers, which can be considered contaminants.

This new variety joins the industry leading MenaQ7® Crystals, NattoPharma’s natural material derived from fermented chickpeas, and the award-winning nature-identical synthetic MenaQ7® PharmaPURE.