OriginThe traditional Japanese dish Natto is rich in natural menaquinone-7 (Mk-7), and is the most bioavailable and bioactive form of supplemental vitamin K2. MenaQ7 provides natural vitamin K2 as a fermentation extract whereby vitamin K2 is manufactured using bascillus subtilis natto.

NattoNatto is a Japanese breakfast food made of fermented soybeans. Traditionally natto was prepared by wrapping boiled soybeans in rice leaves in which the bacteria fermenting the beans was found. Today natto is made in commercial factories with sterile conditions and clean bacterial cultures. Only genetically non-modified soybeans of the highest quality pass through the careful selection process.

Natto is the richest known source of natural vitamin K2 as the long-chain menaquinone-7(Mk-7). It has been used safely since ancient times for improved bone and heart health. Numerous studies have linked natto consumption to significant improvement in K2 vitamin status and bone health. This historic use, combined with laboratory and clinical research, confirms its effectiveness and safety.